Episode 1:


A documentary film crew follows a group of young men and the rising popularity of their radio talk show.

Episode 2:


An unfortunate turn of events leads to the cancellation of the radio show and the former hosts are left with a hefty fine to pay to the FCC.

Episode 3:


After a feeble attempt to raise money to pay off the fine, the Wingmen are greeted with a surprise when they return to their apartment.

Episode 3.5:


Get to know the happy couple.


Episode 4:


The guys decide to start a dating service to pay off the fine and are even able to coax an unsuspecting victim into a date

Episode 5:


After having a little luck at love, the Wingmen decide they have to spread the word about their dating service.

Episode 6:


After viewing the finished commercial for the dating service, Zach meets with a curly haired advertising expert about business, love, and Olive Garden. Meanwhile, Jordan takes two girls out on a double date not realizing that two girls should mean two guys. Special guest star Morgan Spurlock, director of Super Size Me!

Episode 7:


Zach finally goes on to a date to Olive Garden but runs into problems when Marshall and the documentary crew follow him. Meanwhile, Chris books two dates at the same time and is forced to juggle between them.

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